Sveta Ben and Galya Chikiss
Zeitz, Wasserberg 6
Upsala-Circus invites everyone who loves music and want to support our circus project in Zeitz to a friendly gathering in Upsala-Garage.
On March 17 we organize a friendly gathering with spring bar and awesome music.
We have invited unique performers from Belarus to share their new album with the quests.
A collaboration of two Belarusian avant scene legends, Sveta Ben (ex-"Silver Wedding") and Galina Ozeran (Chikiss), two artists with affluent creative backgrounds.

Within the new duet, Sveta is responsible for poetry and music, while Galya is an arrangements and sound production wizard. The first joint album “Приём!” was released on 16.12.2022 in Berlin.


Entrance to the gathering is for donation.
PayPal donation page will appear after the registration (recommended amount - 15 EUR per person)
or you can leave donation onsite.
"...If there is a lyrical hero in these songs, then he is not a Hero at all. He is very confused. He understands well - the previous experience is not applicable to reality, which unfolded like a sharp steel spring. He knows nothing now about the definite world. Except for one invariable fact: when one person holds another by the hand, speaks to him as to himself, shares everything that he has - this means that all is not lost".
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